Child Care Programs

Our Philosophy & Guiding Principles

At VSOCC, commitment to quality and excellence is a core value. The following principles, based on the B.C. Early Learning Framework, guide our decisions to create rich learning experiences and environments for children and their families:.

  • Each child is unique, and is capable and competent.

  • Families are the primary caregivers of children and have the most important role in promoting their children’s well-being, learning and development.

  • Consistent, respectful, responsive and nurturing relationships are essential to building trust and attachment, and to the well-being and learning of children.

  • Play-based learning is vital to children’s lifelong health, and development.

  • The physical environment shapes children’s learning and well-being. VSOCC facilities are intentionally designed to support children and families.

  • We strive to be inclusive, culturally sensitive and anti-biased.

  • Sustainable practices and care for the environment are emphasized and promoted.

  • Quality – commitment to continuous improvement and best practices.

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