School Age Programs

We offer after school care for children enrolled in Kindergarten to Grade 5 at Crosstown and Elsie Roy Elementary Schools.

These programs provide children with opportunities to develop life skills that help them take initiative and responsibility for themselves and be prepared to be more independent in their homes and community.  Children are encouraged and nurtured to take age-appropriate risks, to demonstrate independence, to practice critical thinking, and to develop resilience.  Children choose their activities and level of involvement; practice leadership and care for others; and reflect on their abilities, contributions and effects on others and their environment.

These programs are licensed by the Ministry of Health: Community Care Licensing, and operate under the Provincial Child Care Licensing Regulations.

Rhythms and Flows for School Age programs

VSOCC child care programs ensure children feel a sense of belonging, security and familiarity through flexible and individualized care and learning.  A typical after school routine includes:

  • Arrival from class & sign in
  • Open exploration of a variety of play activity choices, materials, emergent projects and sports and recreational activities.
  • Snack
  • Small group activities and gatherings, and outdoor/ active play activities, including 1:1 games, group games and team sports.

Our School Age Programs also include full day of care from 8am to 6pm during school closures such as VSB professional development days, and for winter and spring breaks.  Children have opportunities to explore the local community through supervised walks, games and recreational activities at neighbouring parks and local community centres, and fieldtrips throughout Vancouver.  Children are able to work in small group on emergent curriculum projects and activities with are based on their interest and the world around them.

For those enrolled in the 12 month School Age Program, full day service is also included for the Summer Break.

Emergent Projects

Emergent projects and small group activities help prepare school age children to become more independent in their homes and community, there are increased opportunities to develop essential life skills that help them to take initiative and responsibility for themselves. Through emergent projects children are engaged in observation, reflection, planning and exploration of the group’s ideas and interests. Participation in emergent projects allow for:

  • Demonstration of independence, critical thinking, and resilience
  • Choice in their activities and level of involvement
  • Practicing leadership and care for others
  • Reflection on and appreciation of their abilities, contributions and effects on others and their environment

Field trips are planned locally to build on children’s interests and observations with the intent of extending current discussions and projects in the program. Learning about the neighborhood and community, exploring local parks, playgrounds and natural environments are a focus when planning trips. In addition, VSOCC School Age Programs recognize the importance of reflecting the diversity of the children in attendance and therefore plan experiences that explore the heritage, backgrounds and traditions of children within the context of their community.  Additional parental consent required for all fieldtrips.

Waitlist & Enrollment

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